zebrahead - II EP
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zebrahead - II EP8

zebrahead, II EP
MFZB Records

Whoever said that a zebra can’t change its stripes has clearly never met zebrahead. After thirteen studio albums, these punk rock legends are continuing to delight in their genre-hopping chaos. Following on from last year’s III, new EP II is equally as short, sharp and exhilarating. Serving as a one-stop-shop of zebrahead’s multi-faceted sound, this EP is brimming with circle-pit bait and all-out bangers.

If you’re eager to work through any bitterness, step right up. At its core, this is a collection of tracks fueled by spite – and that spite is comes in many forms. From the heavy metal riffs and rip-roaring charge of Licking on a Knife for Fun, to the cutting rapcore howls of “MISERY LOVES COMPAY” in Middle Seat Blues, zebrahead have got you covered. Evil Anonymous is perhaps the greatest of the bunch, a gleeful burst of embittered surf-punk riffs. It’s a mighty, euphoric ska-punk anthem, sure to be a smash hit at festivals this summer.

But that doesn’t mean II was created with the sole intention of taking a stab at your enemies. No Tomorrow is a fun-loving bucket of sentiment, a mosh-able love letter to living, loving and laughing with your pals. The light and airy cries of “I just wanna act young and grow old with my friends!”are heartwarming and gloriously fun to howl along to – a perfect cocktail (or mocktail!) for a fabulous time.

zebrahead have nailed it yet again. II is as diverse as it is blissfully fun, each track totally switching up the pace and keeping things fresh – so what are you waiting for?

Stream II here.