Fear of Marko @ Night and Day Cafe, Manchester, Tuesday 25 July 2023

It’s sexy gay emo Christmas. By which we mean, Fear of Marko is bringing his band of thieves to steal our hearts at Night and Day Cafe for a queer extravaganza of the highest degree, and we can’t wait. Joined by Working Thems Club, Sinead Una, and Chloe Slater, the evening feels like a chaotic, delightful slice of Manchester’s alt queer DIY scene, which has never been hotter.

We’ve got to take a moment to give some love to our venue – once known as a crowning jewel of the Northern Quarter, an iconic destination venue for gigs, DJs and late night events alike, Night and Day Cafe have been entrenched in a legal battle since lockdown, which could result in their closure and the loss of an invaluable space for the scene. It’s been pushed to later this year, but you should head down and grab a drink and support them now anyway – oh, and don’t move in to the Northern Quarter if you’re going to have trouble with noisy nights. In more positive, colourful news, our venue for tonight’s standard glowing decor is joined by various pride regalia, just to set the tone.

Marko’s joined tonight by a live band for the first time, and it’s both an electrifying, exciting moment that scales up his emo-boy-next-door, hyperpunk vibe to new heights, and also a real treat to watch this moment happen. The Fear of Marko gang up on stage adjust and work through technical teething difficulties as fluidly and smoothly as Marko shakes his snake hips when everything is going well. It makes for a watch that’s both aspirationally futuristic, Marko embodying the 3023 gay darkpop icon, and sweetly down-to-earth. Between the sauce of old and new Marko cuts, and a cheeky cover of Lady Gaga’s Monster, there’s not a still moment, the room filled out with bodies dancing (but not quite emulating the slick moves Marko is delivering. We do our best).

Weren’t there? That sucks! Relive the night with the gallery below, photographed by the excellent Seanen Middleton.
Were there? OK fab, relive it x