8Overall Score

Drain, FTS (KYS)
Epitaph Records

Sometimes all you need is a roar of raw, thrashing hardcore to take the edge off – thankfully, DRAIN have got us covered. With their second full length, Living Proof, set for release 5th May, these Cali punks are slowly wetting our tastebuds – teasing us with an array of sharp, gloriously bittersweet ragers. Latest single FTS (KYS) serves up blistering optimism and exposed-nerve breakdowns, an onslaught of posi-vibes to soundtrack the moment you’re given a nasty nosebleed and knocked out cold in the pit. Sound good? Yeah, we thought so.

Sonically abrasive, FTS (KYS) masquerades as something rumblingly aggressive. While the spiked howls of “kill yourself!” may stand out above the noise, the overarching message continues “…reinvent the new you!” The track is a pummelling wall of noise, all-the-while managing to convey a thread of hope; DRAIN capture the bright Californian sunshine within their vicious sound, warmth radiating as the blast beats broil.

It’s a track destined for total havoc in a live setting; the energy is electric on track, gasping to free itself and wreak havoc on a sweaty, packed out room. If their live show at last year’s Outbreak is anything to go off, we’re certain DRAIN are going to do this one justice at upcoming shows. We’re already looking forward to see how many crowdsurfers will clamber up on stage for this one..!

DRAIN’s Living Proof is shaping up to be a solid exploration of what it is to be human, warts and all. Tracks like Evil Finds Light explore the impacts of paranoia, while Watch You Burn shows a darker, more hateful side of the group – but all of it culminates in something incredibly human. DRAIN are at the top of their game, and their unflinchingly reflective themes truly set them apart from the rest.

Living Proof is out 5th May.