Vukovi - LASSO
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Vukovi - Lasso8

Vukovi, LASSO
LAB Records

Oops – true to form, it seems like Vukovi are back with an absolute banger. LASSO serves as yet another venomous dose of catharsis, following on from HURT and it’s tackling of toxic relationships, and SLO and KILL IT’s reflection on living with OCD. This time round, however, the duo are looking at the godlike treatment of those in the limelight – and it’s pretty powerful. Combining sparkling electronics with a sharp bite of attitude, LASSO is a bittersweet delight.

LASSO spits in the face of those who worship rockstars to the point of dehumanisation – as vocalist Janine Shilstone muses “I’m a popstar – I’m not a god”. Riling with frustration, this track aims to peel behind the façade of ‘perfection’; moving from sickly sweet dance-worthy pop into gruelling screams of desperation, this track seamlessly reflects the contrast between appearance and reality.

Visually, the meaning becomes even more harrowingly clear. As Shilstone’s initially all-white attire slowly becomes consumed with blood, the toll of the ‘popstar’ label is evident. Performance slowly devolving into pained convulsions on the floor, crawling in the blood, sweat and tears of expectation, the message is made brutally clear.

With a strong slew of singles like LASSO under their belt the last few years, we’re keen to see what Vukovi are working towards. Whatever it may be, it’s sure to be absolutely class.