Yungblud - God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out
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Yungblud, God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out
Interscope Records

Yungblud’s music gives a voice to the voiceless; a shimmer of hope for the underrated youth, this Donnie lad has proven that he is the younger generation’s mouthpiece many a time. New single God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out is yet another example of this – with its glowing, anthemic calls of ‘I won’t let my insecurities define who I am!’, this is a track encouraging self-belief, confidence, and giving a big ol’ middle finger to anyone who dares to put you down.

God Save Me is a reflective, echoing pop-tinged track. It’s a lot lighter than some of Dom’s recent releases – it’s more gentle than Strawberry Lipstick or rap-heavy Lemonade, and MILES softer than Bring Me collab OBEY. This time round Dom has captured a much more spaced out, spacious, end-credits feel – and it’s a truly lovely experience. While it may not inspire mosh-pits at shows, we can already envision the impassioned cries of ‘God save, God save all of us!’ that will surely take place. And that’s what’s so charming about it – this is a track that fans will find a lot of solace in.

This single is proof of Dom’s musical diversity; it may be entirely different from his previous singles this year, but each track fulfils its purpose gorgeously. Yungblud can rouse a circle pit, but he can also have you emotionally grabbing the person stood next to you in the crowd for a good cry. This knowledge, alongside the fact that he’s finally announced a new album set for release in November, makes us all-the-more excited – there’s NO guarantee as so what sounds we’ll be hearing. Will we get more tunes like title-track Weird!? Or maybe a something entirely new? Whatever the outcome, we’re sure it will be handled with absolute class.

Weird! is out 13th Novermber. Pre-order here.