Yungblud - Don't Feel Like Feeling Sad Today
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Yungblud - Don't Feel Like Feeling Sad Today8

Yungblud, Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today
Locomotion Recordings

Yungblud 180s from the moody tones of Fleabag on Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today, a smile in the face of gloom that’s precisely as un-nuanced as it sounds – and great for it. A far cry from “I’m just a fleabag, nobody loves me”, Don’t Feel Like Feelin Sad Today is Yungblud down the other end of the spectrum: absolutely aggressive, brutally fun and a perfect addition to this string of Yungblud releases.

Pacey, breathless, and breezy, Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad does not let you feel sad – it’s the musical equivalent of Yungblud shaking your shoulders and screaming in your face, an image some people will be find more enjoyable than others, but it’s definitely invigorating. And it fits too, because the song is as much about those days when “I don’t wanna go out today, I wanna lie in my bed” as it is a tonic to them. There’s room for the darkness and then there’s a noisy, rowdy Doncaster voice telling it to fuck off as well, accompanied by a ball of fun instrumental. It’s only 1.56, a musical motto that’s very easy to play over and over again, which also helps.

It’s not the most subtle, but that’s the point (also, is subtlety what we expect from Yungblud?). It’s not designed to be dissected, it’s designed to be played loud to chase away the cares and the pressures, and it serves its purpose excellently. The millennial woah chimes in at the end for a glorious singalong, as cliche as they come, and it’s great. The song joins Memories (Yungblud’s collab with Willow), the utterly effervescent and lyrically bleak The Funeral, and of course, Fleabag in teasing whatever is coming next. Is it going to be the most Yungblud ever? Yep. Let’s av it.

Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today is out now.