Yungblud - cotton candy
8.2Overall Score

Yungblud, cotton candy
Interscope Records

Sex, love, and cotton candy – every step we take closer to Yungblud’s sophomore album Weird! reveals a new dimension of our favourite Doncaster wild card, and latest cut cotton candy is as sweet as its name. Tucked away beneath a bassline to rival Tame Impala and a laidback acoustic guitar is a charming vulnerability in this love-letter to mindless intimacy.

Yungblud’s made no secret of the fact that Weird! is the product of rebuilding his life and himself after heartbreak, and cotton candy is the chapter in which our protagonist searches for connection in other people’s beds.“I’m losing myself in you, and you, and you, and you” is the track’s addictive chorus line, and seamlessly captures the carefree-yet-lonely feeling of just not wanting to be alone. cotton candy sets itself apart from other songs in the same vein, however, with its laissez-fair optimism – there’s a freedom in “just having sex to solve all your problems”, and if the breezy instrumental is anything to go by, sex is an effective solution.

cotton candy fits into the lighter side of the Weird! puzzle so far. Far from the punk of Strawberry Lipstick or the silky hip-hop of Lemonade, between the slick bassline and the airy acoustic strumming, this is an edged-up retro indie anthem. Is the opening “Tallulah knows”, reminiscent of The Libertines’ Vertigo, an intentional nod to the kings of the kind of light-hearted hedonism Yungblud is singing about? We don’t know, but he does follow it up with a reference to “vertigo”. We know Yungblud can go hard (just listen to Obey, his recent collab with metalcore royalty Bring Me The Horizon) but it’s enchanting to hear him pare it down a bit for a chilled-out tune. There’s no telling what treats he’s got up his sleeve on Weird!, but we hope they’re as delicious as this one.

Weird! is out 13th November. Pre-order here.