Year of the Knife - Premonitions of You
8.6Overall Score

Year of the Knife, Premonitions of You
Pure Noise Records

Delaware five-piece Year of the Knife are here to burst your eardrums… in a good way, of course! Latest single Premonitions of You is a hardcore treat, with explosive instrumentals and equally as harrowing lyrics. The track is the fourth single from upcoming album Internal Incarceration, and it’s fair to say that this debut is definitely going to be worth a listen or two!

Premonitions of You immediately crashes through your headphones, a glorious rumbling of drums rampaging throughout your skull. It’s an instantaneous headbanger, with a steady, constant beat that slowly morphs into something quicker and brilliantly moshpit worthy. Paired with Tyler Mullen’s pained growls, the track ticks every box you could possibly want for a solid hardcore track.

The true depth of the song comes through the lyrics, however – the track somehow gains an extra ton of weight after tuning in to the lyrics, making it all-the-more dauntingly heavy. The sorrow conveyed through Mullen’s vocals only heighten the narrative of people self-sabotaging, pushing everyone away and burning every bridge they have. The raw delivery of ‘you can’t keep killing yourself!’ strikes you right in the gut, and those dark instrumentals only pack a mightier punch.

Premonitions of You is dark, heavy and poignant. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that Year of the Knife are proving themselves to be a pretty great hardcore outfit! We’re excited to see what Internal Incarceration will sound like in full, come 7th August!

Pre-order Internal Incarceration here. Out 7th August.