With Confidence - Big Cat Judgement Day
8.5Overall Score
With Confidence - Big Cat Judgement Day8.5

With Confidence, Big Cat Judgement Day
Hopeless Records

With Confidence are back, ready to brighten our darkest days with a glorious summer-ready tune, Big Cat Judgement Day. With a healthy dose of tiger-related surrealism, euphoric riffs, and an instantly infectious chorus, Big Cat Judgement Day is festival perfection in the making – the Aussie pop-punk favourites will be at our beloved Slam Dunk in September, and if we thought we couldn’t possibly be more excited… we were painfully wrong.

The opening of Big Cat Judgement Day catches you off guard a little, throwing you straight into that lovely hook that’ll be stuck in your head for days after just one listen. The verses might be comparatively cool, channelling a Waterparks-esque stripped-back groove backed up by acoustic guitar, but they set the pace perfectly for the chorus to erupt. When they break out back into “and lately I’ve been wishing that the fire in the kitchen…” again, you’ll be hard pressed not to stay sitting down, let alone not hum along – this is how you do catchy!

There’s no news of any more music from With Con – yet – but Big Cat Judgement Day is easy to listen to over and over again while we wait. It’s the perfect antidote to the gloom, fun and catharsis all in one, and it’s With Con doing what With Con do best.

Big Cat Judgement Day is out now. Catch us chatting about it on April’s Flavours of the Month episode of The Bittersweet Hour, too!