Weatherstate - Never Getting Better
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Weatherstate - Never Getting Better8

Weatherstate, Never Getting Better
Rude Records

After a triumphant inaugural Slam Dunk set, Weatherstate make a statement of intent with new single Never Getting Better. Continuing the nihilistic route set out on their debut album Born A Cynic, injecting it with plenty of laissez-faire positivity and classic, cathartic riffs, Flavours of 2021 alum Weatherstate prepare us for much more to come.

“Things, they don’t get better in time, but that’s alright,” frontman Harry Hoskin bellows in the chorus, the lilting melody oddly comforting despite the gloom packed in the lyrics. Never Getting Better is a masterclass in balancing pessimism and positivity – it can be exhausting to constantly be told that things should be improving, even if they’re really not, and Weatherstate have made an anthem for people who feel like they’re stuck on a low. As they tell us, “it sucks to know”, but delivered with a spoonful of sugar as headbang-ready and upbeat as this song, it does actually feel alright.

Weatherstate’s classic punk chops are alive and kicking on Never Getting Better – meaty guitars dominate the instrumentals, the melodies are ripe and ready to be yelled along to, the restrained pace leaves space for a groove alongside the racket of drums and riffs. Weatherstate are as cynical as ever, but they’re delivering bangers with it, so who are we to complain?

Never Getting Better is out today!