Weatherstate - Hangar
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Weatherstate - Hangar8

Weatherstate, Hangar
Rude Records

With a crash of drums and some fittingly pessimistic lyrics, Weatherstate are back and ready to soundtrack your 2021. It’s been a couple of years since their 2019 debut Born A Cynic, but latest single Hangar under Rude Records shows that these nihilistic punk-rockers have still got it. We crowned these guys one of our Flavours of the 2021, and they’re certainly living up to our expectations!

Hangar’s tone is undeniably bleak, with grunge-y riffs and gloomy lyrics that positively wallow in the dirt. From Harry Hoskins’ croons of ‘holding a fork inside a socket’ to the questioning of ‘why do I hate everyone’, there is a sheen of pessimism coating this track, a frustration over slowly becoming a numb and bitter version of yourself. The lyrics often feel comforting, however – though the track is bleak in theme and sound, there’s something unifying in its raw honesty.

The sound of this track also stops it from ever feeling too bleak – it just sounds so god damn GOOD. It’s as simple as that. Weatherstate absolutely glow instrumentally, always cracking out tracks so satisfyingly nostalgic, capturing that angst-y, low grunge feel of the 90s. Hangar is no different, and it makes the listening experience positively sublime.

Hangar is sure to absolutely submerge you, we guarantee it. It’s been a bloody long time since 2019, and we can’t wait to see what else Weatherstate have been working on since then – if there’s more of this on offer, then we are ready for it.