Venus Grrrls - Hate Me
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Venus Grrrls - Hate Me8

Venus Grrrls, Hate Me
Monomyth Records

After the storm that was February’s immense Goth Girl, Venus Grrrls have a high bar to meet. But of course, they have done, with a healthy side serving of irresistible angst on brand-new tune Hate Me. After digging into bitter stereotypes, Venus Grrrls launch into an onslaught of rage against bottled-up feelings and anger directed towards women in an even louder way.

Hate Me channels Venus Grrrls’s poppier side – not that you’d be able to tell by listening to it. Dizzy riffs swirl around the instrumental, there’s barely a line that isn’t a hook, the basslines are funky and the vocals are infectious; a pop blueprint indeed. But it’s all packaged up in Venus Grrrls’ relentless, riotous sound, and really couldn’t be anything but a punk band shouting about something close to their heart. Vocalist GK delivers every line with mesmerising, crystal clarity, and works symbiotically with every instrument to drive the crescendos and emotional peaks of the track home.

Venus Grrrls get bigger with every release, and Hate Me is a surefire sign that they’re about to blow up. Their tunes are already explosive, the passion runs high in every note; they’re a wildfire showing no signs of stopping. They’re touring this autumn, so don’t miss out on watching 2021 Riot Grrrl history being made.

Hate Me is out now, and tickets for tour available here.