Tigercub - Stop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum)
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Tigercub - Stop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum)8

Tigercub, Stop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum)
Blame Recordings

From the first half of Tigercub’s latest offering, you could be forgiven for thinking they’ve become some kind of lofi indie outfit. But that serene, moody intro only serves to prepare us to be blown even further out of the water as soon as the Tigercub we know crashes to life – Stop Beating On My Heart is a brutal statement of their huge range, and their vicious intent. It’s a fiery way to break the news of their upcoming second album, As Blue As Indigo, which they announced today is coming in June.

Just as you settle into the humming moodiness of the verses, Tigercub shatter the windows and batter in the doors with that utterly immense hook – right when you feel safe, Tigercub get dangerously incredible. It expertly evokes Stop Beating On My Heart’s themes: waiting for the ‘storm clouds’ of toxic people to unleash hell and struggling to weather the aftermath. SBOMH slips effortlessly from muted subtlety into a wild, keening wall of noise; it’s the most delicious form of whiplash, executed with finesse and ferocity.

Earlier offering Beauty is similar levels of powerful – an unforgiving guitar groove pins down the whole track, and a grungey whine of a vocal packs out the dense bloom of noise emanating from Tigercub. They sound totally in control. They’ve always nailed the ratios between loudness, psychedelia, melody and musical intricacy in their specific musical cocktail, and it looks like As Blue As Indigo is going to be Tigercub as refined (and riotous) as we’ve ever heard them.

As Blue As Indigo is out June 18th.