Tigercub - Blue Mist In My Head
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Tigercub - Blue Mist In My Head8

Tigercub, Blue Mist In My Head
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After a fierce return earlier in the year, Tigercub have released Blue Mist In My Head, the latest to be taken from upcoming record As Blue As Indigo, coming June. BMIMH continues to pace it along the path Tigercub set out with Stop Beating On My Heart (Like A Bass Drum) and Beauty, combining huge pounding riffs with cascading, intimate vocal lines to create a perfect storm of emotion, noise, and energy, continuing to promise that As Blue As Indigo is going to be their most immense offering yet.

Blue Mist In My Head is the most unforgiving cut from the album so far, both in subject matter and in sound. All the groove of the sharp drumbeat and the strutting bassline is amped up with a layer of fuzz and heaviness, turning into a pulsing panic attack of a song well-fitting of the lyrical themes. The ‘blue mist’ of the title refers to “That sense of feeling like I’m on auto-pilot going through the motions of life” while suffering from mental health problems, and vocalist Jamie Hall evokes this feeling of relentless anxiety and alienation through songwriting that’s often painful, lyrics like “smiling through my broken teeth again” peppering the track with images of the gloomy reality of depression.

As if a new song as visceral as Blue Mist In My Head wasn’t enough to get us riled up ready for As Blue As Indigo, Tigercub have also announced a UK tour, for the chance to see their most personal record yet even more up close and personal. And if the tunes keep getting bigger, as they have done so far, it’ll definitely be one not to be missed.

As Blue As Indigo is out June 18th, and tickets for tour are available here.