The Vanities - I'd Rather Die (Than Have A Job In A Tie)
9.5Overall Score
The Vanities - I'd Rather Die (Than Have A Job In A Tie)9.5

The Vanities, I’d Rather Die (Than Have A Job In A Tie)
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With the tease of festivals on the horizon, we’ve been drowning in daydreams – oh to be covered in mud, plonked on a broken fold-out chair and drinking a warm cider to numb our slowly worsening heatstroke… To fulfil these daydreams, it’s been a necessity to gather tracks that fit the bill: who can we imagine opening a certain stage, who would we hear playing an acoustic set in the middle of a campsite? Luckily, Glaswegian punks The Vanities have provided us with a worthy soundtrack to those festival daydreams. Taken off of the group’s forthcoming EP, latest single I’d Rather Die (Than Have A Job In A Tie) pairs disillusionment with an irresistibly fun garage punk drive – and, honestly, as soon as it begins you can just feel that glorious festival sunshine.

In many ways, I’d Rather Die is the sonic embodiment of your 20s; lyrics filled with angst for the future are offset by a sound rooted in the here and now, shrugging off angst in exchange for an embracement of youthful freedom. Who knows where we’re going to end up – but at least for now we can all be confused together! The Vanities’ sound is brash, impassioned and shimmering with life, unifying the masses in a way only garage punk can. This is a track that simply NEEDS to be screamed along to in a crowd of sweaty bodies – festivals, we’re looking at you!

Prepare to be immediately charmed by this single. The Vanities are class, with a sound that is masterfully fine-tuned. It’s a shock to think that the group’s forthcoming EP, Your Kids Are Gonna Love It, is only their second; with a sound this solid, you’d think the group would be at least an album deep. These guys are only going to get better and better, and we cannot wait to see what else they’ve got in store. Get this track spinning right now!