The Used - Paradise Lost? Definitely Not!
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The Used, Cathedral Bell
Big Noise

If you ever had an emo phase, then you already know who these guys are. The Used are legends, an integral cog in forging the scene. Unlike some emo bands, however, The Used did not stay frozen in time; unafraid to push their sound forward, this quartet have truly grown up with us. With their new album out 24th April, and some brilliant singles already released from it, we can’t help but fawn over how delicious Heartwork is going to be.

Latest single Cathedral Bell is a perfect reflection of The Used’s ability to craft a more mature, unique sound nowdays. Though more calm than some of their other tracks, Cathedral Bell positively prowls. With a steady, electronic heartbeat driving the song, there is a persistent eerie sensation throughout. Bert McCracken’s light, almost whispered vocals only heighten the creepy aura, talking of the ‘shapes in the dark’. McCracken’s delivery is expressive as ever, fully immersing you in this simultaneously dreamlike and nightmarish nightscape.

But, never fear, they’ve not left their signature sound behind just yet. These guys like a bit of literature, and we love McCracken’s habit of forcing a crowd to mosh as he reads a Shakesprearean sonnet (that’s our English Literature degrees speaking there), and Paradise Lost, A Poem By John Milton satisfies both our love of the classics and our need for a loud, meaty, singalong chorus.

The guys have also cranked out a brilliantly meaty track on Blow Me, joining forces with Inglewood’s own Jason Aalon Butler of FEVER 333 and Letlive. The track is a torrent of energy, with churning guitars and an absolutely classic Used sound. McCracken’s raw screaming at the end awakens something deep within you, something primal you thought you’d left behind in your teen years… It’s an absolute delight.

It’s fair to say that Heartwork is shaping up to be pretty goddamn great – but did we expect any less? The Used are a tried-and-tested recipe for an awesome listening experience – 24th April can’t come soon enough!

Heartwork is out 24th April. Pre-order here.