The Unlikely Candidates - High Low
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The Unlikely Candidates, High Low
The Century Family

The world can seem pretty bleak at the moment – it only makes sense to seek some comfort in a tune or two. If you’re looking for a hug in musical form, then we’ve got the track just for you; indie rockers The Unlikely Candidates’ latest single High Low is a tiny burst of light in these otherwise dark times.

The charm of High Low lies in how gentle it is. Very much reflected by the artwork, the single feels like floating on a cloud; the light instrumentals wash over you, calming your mind and melting your bones. The track somehow sparkles, with its stripped back sound and hypnotising simplicity. It’s gorgeously easy to fall into High Low’s soundscape, with it’s poignant yet uplifting tone.

The vocals also feel comfortingly soft and personal. The song focuses on returning home from tour, going from being “on top of the world” to feeling more alone and vulnerable than ever. As Kyle Morris sings ‘sometimes I get so high, so low, where did all my good friends go?’, it’s like listening to a diary entry. The knowledge that the track was recorded in Morris’ wardrobe during isolation only adds to this vulnerable feeling, morphing an already honest track into something sensationally raw. And, given the recent epidemic, the words seem to hit a little closer to home, a comforting reflection of everyone’s feelings of loneliness right now. The track is like an extension of your own concerns, a sonic pat on the back that confirms there are others feeling the same way that you are.

Speaking of the theme of loneliness, the guys have also been doing there best to support us through the lockdown with their ‘Flatten The Hump Day’ streams on Wednesdays. This Wednesday they’ll be donating all the money donated to the stream to the 8Can’t Wait Campaign Zero project, so if you can get involved definitely pay a visit!

Listening to High Low is almost like a form of self-care. With it’s calming energy, High Low is a track that you can’t help but get swept away in – it’s a brilliant track to distract a hectic mind with. Treat yourself to a little comfort, you deserve it.

Stream High Low here.

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