The Regrettes - What Am I Gonna Do Today?
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The Regrettes, What Am I Gonna Do Today?
Warner Records

What Am I Gonna Do Today? A question many of us have found ourselves asking lately. The Regrettes’ latest ‘quarantune’ poses the question in the dreamiest way you could possibly imagine, a drifting ode to the times we’re living in, recorded entirely remotely by the band in self isolation.

WAIGDT? is a gorgeous, hazy reflection of the kind of floating through our days that lockdowns can bring, melancholy and wistful, and with a lofi feeling from the remote recording process that makes it feel closer to home than ever. The meandering guitar countermelodies and gentle percussion let frontwoman Lydia Night’s voice glow, laidback and contemplative.

It might feel like WAIGDT? should be a quarantine anthem, written by and for people dealing with the purposelessness of lockdown, but The Regrettes have maintained a timelessness that mean the song won’t feel out of place in any other situation. Night’s lyrics are resonant, but aren’t actually a product of the current moment, written weeks prior. Wishing for time to slow down and take a pause might seem ironic given where we’re at right now, but the magic of Night’s prophecy just makes WIAGDT? An even more meaningful listen.

So what are we gonna do today? In the video for the track, also filmed remotely, The Regrettes give us plenty of ideas, from learning to juggle to spending some well-earned time with our pets. And one thing we’re definitely going to be doing is playing What Am I Gonna Do Today? on repeat.

What Am I Gonna Do Today? is out now.