The Regrettes - I Love Us
8.4Overall Score

The Regrettes, I Love Us
Warner Records

The Regrettes enchanted us so much with May’s What Am I Gonna Do Today? that we made it our track of the month. Now they’re back with the equally sparkling I Love Us, reminding us why we adore them so much all over again, a sonic sunbeam that’s all too needed right now.

Instantly noticeable, the track kicks off with an atmosphere-pop style twinkling, that sticks around in the background to keep ILU sounding carefree and expansive. Not only is I Love Us a shimmering slice of coming-of-age-filmy magic, but Regrettes’ blend of pop-punk and rock is stamped all over it too, fun and truly joyful with jaunty guitar chords, cinematic drums and sliding solos, all coming together to glitter in one enormous, heartwarming tune.

Last year’s album How Do You Love was saturated with vocalist Lydia Night’s lyrical iced gems, sugar-coated moments that you can’t help but smile at, and if they’d been written about you you’d just melt. The other side of the coin to The Regrettes’ unapologetic fierceness, they’ve also got a penchant for writing the loveliest songs, and I Love Us is one of the latter. Night’s gorgeous delivery of snippets like “maybe things will make sense if we kiss” secures I Love Us a place on our sweetest love songs list for sure.

While there’s no sign quite yet that a follow up to HDYL is on the horizon, if The Regrettes keep sharing singles as charming as I Love Us and WAIGDT?, we’ll be happy.

I Love Us is out now.