The Acacia Strain - Y
7.6Overall Score

The Acacia Strain, Y
Rise Records

Fancy some deathcore to spice up your day? Well, The Acacia Strain have just the treat for you; with their 10th full-length album, Slow Decay, set for release on 24th July, the guys have decided to tease our palates with two gritty new tracks. The release, Y, is the fifth of their lettered releases, completing the word DECAY, in reference to their upcoming album. Very much a bread-and-butter deathcore collective, The Acacia Strain are yet to let us down, and these tracks are no different.

One Thousand Painful Stings opens with a mysterious, almost sultry introduction by Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante; as LePlante whispers ‘you think I’m scared of death? I’ve done it a million times’ into your ears, the jagged, powerful tone of the track is immediately cemented. Soon after, Vincent Bennett’s guttural vocals crash onto the track, paired with a dark bassline, transporting you into The Acasia Strain’s world, a realm decaying and descending into madness. When the drums pick up, you are swept along with the track’s sense of doom, forcibly drowning in the painful, stinging wall of noise.

EARTH WILL BECOME DEATH follows the same vein, Bennett’s raw growls oozing pain. The track has a slightly slower tempo, allowing each note to draw out and echo throughout your mind. The track is less dynamic than the previous track, but this only highlights the sense of despair, resulting in a poignant listening experience.

Give yourself a treat – pop on some headphones and let these new tracks consume your senses. The Acacia Strain are deathcore staples, and we’re certain that the July release of Slow Decay will only deliver some more classic tracks.

Slow Decay is out 24th July via Rise Records. Pre-order here.

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