That Good Old-Fashioned Razzmatazz
9.2Overall Score

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Razzmatazz
Fearless Records

With a flourish of jazz hands and smooth call of the saxophone, the Era of Razzmatazz is truly upon us. I Don’t Know How But They Found Me have released the title-track from upcoming album Razzmatazz, and it is absolutely delicious; with a thick, intoxicating aura, this is a single that will have you absolutely enchanted from start to finish.

Razzmatazz creeps into your life – it’s slow and purposeful, every element gradually seeping into your bones. This is a track that takes it time; layers of synths, piano and gentle drums build up to a shimmering climax that is rich and sonically gorgeous.

This single further emphasises the group’s musical prowess; while the discotheque-pop-rock Leave Me Alone embraced the 80s, this track feels like The Brobecks performing to a dingy, 20s Jazz Bar, as you sit, whisky in hand, sinking further into a plush velvet chair. And, again, Dallon Weekes’ voice fits the era flawlessly – and those moments when Weekes’ vocals are accompanied by angelic backing vocals? Positively transcendental.

iDKHow have a knack for taking a classic era and giving it a lick of paint. With modern synths and atmospheric saxophones sitting side-by-side, Razzmatazz is timeless – and entirely mystifying. These guys are proving that ‘that good, old-fashioned Razzmatazz’ is still pretty damn good.

Pre-order Razzmatazz here. Out 16th October.