Superlove - NOT ME! NOT YOU!
8.8Overall Score
Superlove - NOT ME! NOT YOU!8.8

Superlove, NOT ME! NOT YOU!
Rude Records

It’s not you… but it’s not me either. Noise-pop trio Superlove’s latest single is a surprisingly fierce scorcher; with a brash, punk-y energy, NOT ME! NOT YOU! is a tune that gorgeously captures that energy of being right in the heat of the pit. This is a track that embraces Superlove’s heavier side, and all we have to say is – keep it coming!

From the off, this is in a new realm for Superlove; this is a track that embraces frustration, channelling all this anger and raw energy into the musical landscape. The trio’s typical, floating, pop-heavy sound is gently acknowledged with a sprinkling of light piano, before a tired “aw, nah, fuck it-” propels the track back into a realm of chaos – and you can’t help but agree. Fuck it. The world’s a mess. Let’s just purge out the anger with a good old screech.

The raw, sweaty energy of this single is also stupidly infectious. Not only do the harsh, driving guitars draw you in, but the vocal choices within this single are also ace. There are times when quieter vocals are layered to create that sensation of being stuck within a dense crowd, and the raw vocal-performance also helps captured that live, packed basement-show energy. Not to mention how those emotive yells simply DEMAND to be screamed along to – this song is designed to have you hurriedly elbowing your way into the heat of the pit just to scream ‘NOT ME NOT ME NOT ME NOT YOU!!’ right into a stranger’s drenched face.

NOT ME! NOT YOU! is a rush of energy, and it’s an absolute treat. Superlove have captured an almost WARGASM-esque energy here, and we totally love it. While the shows will sadly not be as dense and sweaty as this track would suggest, make sure to grab a ticket to these guy’s socially distanced run in March – you won’t regret it! They may not have a fucking clue about their lives, but they damn-well know how to make a track that punches you in the gut.

Grab tickets to Superlove’s socially distanced March tour here.