Sundressed - Your Frequency
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Sundressed, Your Frequency
Rude Records

Adult life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – with an endless mountain of responsibilities, it can often feel like you never get a second to yourself. Sundressed definitely feel this strain, if their newest single is anything to go by; taken off of upcoming album Home Remedy, Your Frequency is a stupidly relatable plea for stillness in an endlessly hectic world.

Tinged with an early 2000s pop-punk sound, Your Frequency both lyrically and sonically begs for simpler times. The track feels particularly like Bowling For Soup with a slight indie leaning, and it works brilliantly – the timeless, nostalgic soundscape only heightens the punch of the words, making you beg for those careless years. The words strike close to home – Feeding YOURSELF? Working dead-end jobs? Working TWO dead-end jobs? You can’t help but absolutely agree… WE’RE SICK OF BEING SO BUSY!

Despite the overall theme of being tired of day-to-day life, there is a comforting sense of honesty within the track. Trevor Hedges’ request to ‘tell them all fuck off for me’ is charmingly REAL – you can’t help but laugh to yourself as you sing along. There’s a sense of unity within the half-serious frustration, and it makes the track all-the-more enchanting.

Your Frequency absolutely shimmers with personality, and the end result is a true delight. With tracks this fabulous, we can’t wait to get our hands on Home Remedy come September!

Pre-order Home Remedy here. Out 18th September.