Sundressed - Size Of My Heart
8.6Overall Score

Sundressed, Size Of My Heart
Rude Records

As Home Remedy slowly takes form, it really does feel like Sundressed are crafting a sonic time-capsule. While previous single Your Frequency harnessed the energy of old-school pop punk, Size Of My Heart is set on reviving the charm of early 00’s emo. With raw lyrics and a nostalgia-soaked sound, it’s fair to say that Sundressed’s album is shaping up to be an absolute winner.

Sundressed are immediately tugging on our heart strings with this single, Trevor Hedges tapping into treasured memories of ‘ticket stubs’ and ‘old posters’ versus the haunting ‘should haves’ that you just want to forget. The track reflects on the pressures of supporting other people at the detriment to the self; Hedges curses the ‘size of [his] heart’, sorrowfully admitting that he just ‘can’t carry the weight of anyone else’. It’s truly a soundtrack for people that spread themselves too thin, a pained outpouring of exhaustion.

Hedges’ vocals, paired with the baring lyrical content, really hark back to the 00s pop-punk/emo fusion. With its melodic structure and baring lyrical content, Size Of My Heart could comfortably fit in amongst an early Jimmy Eat World tracklist. The chorus also has that classic, anthemic emo feel, making it one that you can’t help but harmonise along with joyously.

Light, comforting and brilliantly catchy, Size Of My Heart is impossible not to love. Given the singles we’ve got thus far, it seems like Home Remedy will be just the remedy we need after this disastrous year!

Pre-order Home Remedy here. Out 18th September!