Sum 41 - Out For Blood
9.2Overall Score

Sum 41, Out For Blood
Hopeless Records

Sum 41 are back and they’re Out For Blood. It’s been three long years since the killer 13 Voices, but new album Order In Decline is shaping up to be well worth the wait.

New single Out For Blood is exactly what you want from Sum 41; It’s got Deryck Whibley’s iconic vocals, thrumming guitars and some impossibly fast drumming. There’s even a guitar solo that immediately screams CLASSIC, feeling like something off of a thrash metal track. The single feels a lot more aggressively punk than some recent work — it feels reminiscent of the Chuck years, whilst still showing the band’s maturity, presenting a sound that’s fresh and refined.

Despite the years these guys have been together, they have yet to falter in quality. Very much still the kings of the skate punk scene, Sum 41 are sure to blow our tiny minds once again when Order In Decline hits the shelves. Considering the quick-fire pace of this single, we’re prepared to be out of breath just listening to the new album in July.

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