Stand Together with Dub Pistols and Rhoda Dakar
8.4Overall Score

Dub Pistols ft Rhoda Dakar, Stand Together
Sunday Best

Before there was the punk’n’bass we at Bittersweet love, from the likes of Pengshui and Enter Shikari, Dub Pistols were tearing up the scene with their punk-rock leaning techno – and they still are, having just announced new album Addict. Latest release, lead single Stand Together ft Rhoda Dakar, is perfect testament to the tight-knit community of every genre they dip into.

Rhoda Dakar is an icon on every level, from The Bodysnatchers to 2-Tone to The Specials, and her vocals on Stand Together are a flawless cherry on a cake of ska-ish electro grooves. “No matter what the problem, community will get us through it” is a mellow message, at odds with much of the rightful anger in the public sphere right now, but it’s a dose of hope that feels essential. The “two steps back” Dakar sings about is especially resonant, but her buoyant, empowering delivery reminds us that the answer lies in solidarity and perseverance.

Set against a backdrop of trumpets, wobbling synths, striking drum moments and feel-good beats, Dub Pistols have created an anthem through and through. Laidback and cheery, it’s a tune to hold close to your heart. Upcoming record Addict promises much more of the same, “a melting pot of dubwise sensibility, junglist riddims, and feelgood party anthems” – sounds unmissable.

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Addicted is out September 11th.