Stand Atlantic - Jurassic Park
8.8Overall Score

Stand Atlantic, Jurassic Park
Hopeless Records

It’s official! Stand Atlantic’s sophomore album, Pink Elephant, is set for release on the 7th August! And, even better, we’ve been gifted another killer single to moisten our palates in the lead up to its release. Jurassic Park is an absolute delight – this is technicolor pop-punk, fusing an infectiously bright and breezy rhythm with heavier punk instrumentals. Charming til the last note, Stand Atlantic have yet again proved that everything they touch turns to gold.

Part of Jurassic Park’s charm lies in its unique lyrical imagery. There’s something lovely about hearing Bonnie Fraser’s brilliant vocals singing about ‘dinosaurs’ and ‘candy in your cotton mouth’. Though the lyrics take a stab at people stuck in their ways, hiding their flaws and demons by ‘dressing skeletons’ hidden in their ‘basement below’, the track’s light and bouncy beat makes the imagery feel dreamy rather than condemning. The video only heightens this dreamy feeling, with its vibrant colour palate, exaggerated grins and picture-perfect sandwiches.

The track is, much like Wavelength, reminiscent of earlier Fickle Friends tracks… with an extra punk edge, of course. The track is in no way a replica of Wavelength, however – Jurassic Park is a catchy beast in its own right. It’s a lot more pop-rock than indie-rock, but still captures that bright, summer-y energy as well as being a perfect track to scream along to. It seems the Aussies are just the BEST at capturing the feeling of summer in a track… who knew?

Well, it’s fair to say that Pink Elephant is shaping up to be a delightfully fun follow-up to 2018’s Skinny Dipping! And, considering the plethora of new sounds they’re playing around with on all these singles, it seems like this album will bring us a much more confident Stand Atlantic.. and we’re definitely not complaining.

Pre-order Pink Elephant here.

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