Neck Deep have been enjoying basking in the glowing reception to their recent album All Distortions Are Intentional – and deservedly so. The pinnacle of their discography so far, it’s brought together everything glorious about pop-punk with an in-depth narrative that’s immersive and exciting; Sonderland is a world we’ve been living in non-stop for the past couple of weeks.

In even brighter news, Neck Deep have just provided an opportunity to get even more immersed in ADAI than ever before: rescheduled tour dates for 2021! We’ll step into Sonderland in the gorgeous settings of London’s Brixton Academy, Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse, as well as other huge rooms up and down the country. They’re already famed for their incredible, raucous live performances, and with another album of bangers under their belt, Neck Deep are set to bring a show even huger to our stages in 2021.

Joining them on tour are Higher Power and nothing,nowhere. If you liked Quarry’s moody darkness, nothing,nowhere. will be your emo-rap cup of tea, and after the mosh-pits Leeds’ Higher Power are set to inspire, you’ll be hard pressed to hold any energy back for the headliners! But make sure you do, because it’s guaranteed to be a riot start to finish.

Tickets for rescheduled dates are available here from 10am Wednesday.