snake eyes - heavy handed
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snake eyes - heavy handed8

snake eyes, heavy handed

snake eyes only released their deliciously gritty debut EP skeletons back in the spooky month of October, but they’re already back with a new tune. We’re barely finished floating through the crushing hooks and dense instrumentals, but we’re definitely ready to revel in more, and heavy handed is the perfect follow up.

snake eyes’ brand of darkly infectious rock is even more crystal-clear on heavy handed. Somehow it’s a singalong anthem complete with bubbling guitar riffs and magnetic melodies, but with an undercurrent of hauntingly jangling percussion and enough grunge-tinged heaviness to dampen the brightness into a track that feels poppy and intense.

It’s got bop appeal in spades, but it’s over all too quickly. The intro is drawn out and concentrated, but once the vocals kick in, heavy handed shakes you about and spits you out before you’ve even caught your breath – the repeat button is calling.

It’s a Bandcamp exclusive, with all proceeds going to Shelter, so don’t just take our word for it – grab your own copy of heavy handed if it sounds like something you’d like to sink your teeth into.

Buy heavy handed here.