snake eyes - happy pills
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snake eyes - happy pills8

snake eyes, happy pills
Killing Moon

Grunge-pop extraordinaires snake eyes are back with their paciest offering yet, happy pills. Following last year’s skeletons EP, which saw the trio burst onto the scene with just the right proportions of nihilism, grit, and energy, happy pills continues along that same road packed with even more buzz.

It’s an addictive listen: two minutes of riffs and shout-along hooks, but it’s definitely not just a whirlwind punk banger. Dual vocals, harmonies, and grooves all mesh together to make something that’s guaranteed to have you dancing along to the characteristically harsh lyrics. From the bitterly ironic title to the deadpan delivery, snake eyes aren’t sugar-coating anything in this anti-ode to antidepressants. It’s candid and angry both lyrically and musically, and a welcome dose of honesty – medication isn’t a fix-all, but the buzz snake eyes are delivering, the catharsis of yelling out “so so so done feeling rotten” is certain to make everything just a little better.

We’re definitely left feeling optimistic, especially as the time to catch snake eyes live is finally looming. Thanks to COVID, the gang have only played one show as a band, but they’re making up for lost time with shows alongside the likes of Gender Roles, WACO, and a handful of festivals too. Their raucous energy is unmistakeable: this is a band who are going to tear it up.

Don’t miss out – tickets available here, and you can listen to happy pills here.