snake eyes bare it all with skeletons
7.4Overall Score

snake eyes, skeletons
Failure By Design

When we say underground band, we usually mean a hidden gem waiting to burst onto the mainstream and garner all the appreciation they deserve. This is snake eyes, but their mix of garage rock, scuzzy chords, and gritty hooks also means they feel underground in the most earthly sense. Latest single skeletons is a basement banger packed with distorted vocals, discordant guitars, and a darkly infectious energy.

“Beneath it all, we’re all just skeletons” forms the central chorus line, and as vocalist Jim Heffy delivers it in a way that feels both nihilistic and hopeful, it’s impossible not to resonate. The DIY feel that saturates the track means that despite the straightforward structure of skeletons, it’s a wild listen, oscillating between moments of uplift and moments of desolation.

skeletons is the title track from snake eyes’ upcoming EP, and it’s a rousing introduction. snake eyes’ blend of grungey instrumentals with the fierceness of 2020’s DIY scene stands them in excellent stead for an EP that’s vivid, and more importantly, so heartfelt you can’t miss the fun behind it.

skeletons is out October 9th.