Skywalker - Charon's Song
8Overall Score
Skywalker - Charon's Song7.5

Skywalker, Charon’s Song
Pale Chord

The looming terror of death isn’t necessarily something the world might choose to dwell on at the moment, but for many it’s a grim reality. So maybe it’s actually the perfect time for Skywalker to release Charon’s Song, a nod to the mythological terror of crossing the Styx with Charon. And when it’s executed in Skywalker’s signature heart-laden mixture of emotional hooks and dizzy post-hardcore howls, it’s a listen that definitely hits home hard – and proves why Skywalker are defining the flavour of 2021 as far as BSP are concerned.

The frantic anxiety of comprehending death is definitely something that’s captured aptly in the wild, heavy sections, Skywalker giving it every bit of passion they’ve got in the crushing riffs and desolate vocals. The reflective doom is also omnipresent throughout the comparatively lighter sections, too, with almost-dreamy vocal melodies sitting atop frenzied drums and relentless instrumentals to maintain that intensity that saturates Charon’s Song.

Charon’s Song is the final single to come from Skywalker’s first LP on Pale Chord: Late Eternity. The record looks to be introspective, piercing, and (given that it’s Skywalker, and they never falter) packed with total bangers. We can’t wait to hear it in full.

Late Eternity is due February 19th.