In life, there’s only ever a handful of bands that truly morph your understanding of music. We’re talking about THOSE bands, the sort that you hear once and immediately know they’re something special. Deftones are undoubtedly a band of that calibre; with their experimental, shoegaze-y, alt-metal, it’s impossible to hear a Deftones track and not be absolutely enraptured. Their innovative, atmospheric sound is one-of-a-kind – it’s heavy yet still gorgeously, intoxicatingly light. They’re worthy of celebration every month, but this month in particular is a biggie: they’ve got a new album out 25th September!

But what’s so exciting about this album, we hear you cry? Well… it’s been FOUR YEARS since their last release! And, while we may love 2016’s Gore, it’s fair to say that we’re ready to hear some new tunes – and four years of focused work is sure to mean absolute gold! We’ve already been blessed with the album’s title-track, Ohms, and it’s gone down an absolute treat – with those signature guitars and Chino Moreno’s scarily hypnotic vocals, how could it not have!

If you’ve not had the chance to listen to Deftones before, we implore you to treat yourself. Ohms is set to be the ninth studio album from the cohort, so that’s a meaty back catalogue for you to get yourself sucked into! The guys are also set to be playing Download Festival next year, so now’s a perfect time to start perfecting your vocal impersonations of those juicy guitar chords..!

Pre-order Ohms here. Out 25th September.