Same Side - Stuck In A Hole
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Same Side, Stuck In A Hole
Pure Noise Records

Ok, we all know that Kevin Geyer is capable of writing the most rousing, mosh-pit inducing, crowd-surfer-raising bangers you can imagine: The Story So Far speaks for itself. But his solo project Same Side proves that he can do a lot more than that – latest track Stuck In A Hole is a sensitive acoustic tune that’s moody, melodic, heart-rendingly melancholy and altogether gorgeous.

Same Side’s debut single The Way It Seems was a dreamy guitar-centred track, floaty guitars drifting through synthy effects making for the best kind of woozy, bedroom-pop-esque vibes. And the brand-new Stuck In A Hole takes this even further, the acoustic guitars and light percussion almost a nod to the pop-punk acoustic tracks that are always fan favourites, but just veering away from their intensity into a more swimming lightheartedness. At times even the gentle acoustic guitar gets lost in the hazy soundscape, and we get lost in the track as it does.

Geyer’s five-track self-titled EP comes out later this month, and we can’t wait to get lost in the rest of his songs too. His knack for weaving softly magical, introspective songs is abundant on just the two tracks we’ve already heard, and it’ll no doubt glow even more on the rest.

Same Side is out May 29th.