Ruby Fields - R.E.G.O
7.5Overall Score
Ruby Fields - R.E.G.O7.5

Ruby Fields, R.E.G.O

Though she’s no stranger to a sunny Aussie-punk bop, Ruby Fields has always nailed the more melancholy side of things too, sneaking in with moments that’ll snap your heartstrings in half (Redneck Lullaby, the closer of her debut EP, need we say more?). brings the energy and the emotion altogether for R.E.G.O, a nostalgic three minute of carefree lyrics and dusky guitars.

The Ruby Fields calling cards of confessional lyricism and coolly poignant delivery keep R.E.G.O grounded firmly down-to-earth even as the instrumentals soar down their sonic highways, saturated in youthful naivety yet remaining self-aware. Small moments of memory are zoomed in on – second cigarettes, stressing out your parents, all the tiny dramas that constitute growing up. Ruby Fields continues to soundtrack her own coming of age so well that it feels like it’s all of our coming of age.

R.E.G.O follows up 2020’s Pretty Grim and takes us one single closer to Fields’ long-awaited debut album – good things come to those who wait, and after having a 2020 release disrupted due to the pandemic, Fields has been waiting long enough. Her gorgeously gritty garage-rock sound is getting more insistent, her persuasive storytelling is getting simultaneously more bold and more subtle. She’s ready, and so are we.

R.E.G.O is out now.