Ruby Fields - Pretty Grim
8.4Overall Score

Ruby Fields, Pretty Grim
Space 44

Australia is the hub of all things awesome when it comes to music no matter what genre you’re looking at. Ruby Fields sits at the intersection between pop-rock, pop-punk and indie with an irresistible blend of heartfelt lyricism, poppy hooks galore, and energetic riffs that mean every release is a guaranteed banger. Latest cut Pretty Grim hits the spot on every level.

Fields’ first release of 2020, bar her triple j session, Pretty Grim is the perfect answer to the nightmare this year has been with equal parts nostalgia, fear, youthful resignation to state of things as they are. Despite her characteristically confessional writing, in the context we’re receiving it, Fields hits on universal truths in the never-ending struggle we’re all muddling through. As she narrates the conversation “my little girl, why are you so depressed? Mum, I’m not quite sure anymore.”, we’re reminded of the stingingly melancholy Redneck Lullaby, and the way that Fields knows just what strings to pull on to tap into the rawest of emotions.

However unflinching the lyrics are, as ever, Fields packages it in an inviting, animated way – Pretty Grim comes in at just under three minutes, laidback guitar strumming escalating into a mosh-pit-ready riff-heavy chorus begging to see crowds jumping around and losing themselves in the tune. Fields’ vocal delivery tops off the track’s authenticity; leaping and grinning and dipping for moments of vivid vulnerability before springing back to life.

Fields’ rep as one of Australia’s, if not the world’s, most genuine and genuinely wonderful songwriters is clear as ever. Pretty Grim showcases everything we love about Ruby Fields – and with a debut album on the horizon, our love is only set to grow.

Pretty Grim is out now.