PVRIS - Gimme A Minute
8.6Overall Score

PVRIS, Gimme A Minute
Warner Records

Lynn Gunn has struck out as the sole creative driver behind PVRIS: she’s spread her wings, and now she’s soaring. PVRIS have always been a fierce force of nature, meshing heavy intensity with poppy hooks to create tracks you can’t get out of your mind. And on their new tracks, they’re even more powerful.

Latest release Gimme A Minute is an insistent, pounding electro-rock jam. The bass is the centrepoint of the song, pummelling relentlessly under Gunn’s vocals, at times accompanied only by a bass drum for the most concentrated punch possible, at times joined by wild, squirming synth and viciously delivered screams. The repeated “gimme a minute, just gimme a minute” in the chorus verges on panic, the sometimes-grinding, sometimes-floating instrumental propelling onwards with no backwards glances.

Previous release Dead Weight is just as electric, melancholy guitar lines clashing up against pulsing synths and drums under a chorus that’s moody, dark, and irresistible. Moody, dark, and irresistible certainly look to be buzzwords to describe PVRIS’ upcoming releases – Use Me, their next full length, is out later this year, and set to be every bit as alluringly intense as what we’ve heard so far.

Use Me is out July 10th.