Oxymorrons - Justice
8.8Overall Score

Oxymorrons, Justice
333 Wreckords Crew

Tired of the world’s notion of ‘justice’? Well, Oxymorrons are too. The alt-hip hop collective’s new single Justice is a fierce call for solidarity – a message that is most definitely needed right now. All proceeds from the track’s streams, merch, and downloads will also be filtered back into the community through various charities, non-profits, and movements, so even taking the time to listen to this track will do wonders… and the track goes pretty hard, so there’s really nothing to lose!

Justice is Oxymorrons’ debut release after joining the 333 Wreckords Crew, and it’s solid proof of why they were brought on to the label. If you love Fever 333, then you’re sure to love this track – the rapping has that same raw, no-bullshit, charismatic delivery as Jason Aalon Butler. The lyrics are also gorgeous, fuelled by anger and the need for change. The line ‘free on the surface but wrapped up in chains’ feels particularly sharp, while the epic, layered and echoing chorus only heightens the delivery.

While Oxymorrons take pride in fusing hip-hop and rock, this song feels a lot more rock-heavy; with its brutal energy and hypnotically heavy kick drum, the track’s aggressive instrumentals compliment the emotive vocals brilliantly. There’s also a brilliant Muse-y guitar breakdown that is absolutely delectable. The entire single oozes energy, every note demanding your attention.

Oxymorrons have crafted a track that hits you in the face, presenting you with an issue that simply cannot be ignored. Justice burrows its way into your mind and resonates, filling your veins with the need for change. It’s powerful, it’s loud, and it’s ready for change.

Stream Justice here. Album artwork by Tommy Vo.

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