Out Of Love - Funny Feeling
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Out Of Love, Funny Feeling
Venn Records

The sun’s shining, the beer gardens are back in business, festivals are starting to seem like a possibility… what could possibly improve our moods? Well – what about some Summer-y punk tunes? Don’t mind if we do! Geared with a new EP, London-based punks Out Of Love are here to soundtrack the sunshine. Introspective lyrics shake hands with unbeatable hooks, resulting in a gloriously bright listening experience that is impossible to resist.

Out Of Love thrive in a realm between power-pop-infused punk and grunge. Opening track Play Pretend is an immediate burst of bright guitars and huge drums, setting the tone gorgeously. Wishlist only heightens the grunge-punk energy, with a fierce bassline and some brilliantly contagious calls of “woo-ooh-oaah!”. There’s even a sprinkling of hardcore screams, really adding some spice into the mix.

Both of these tracks are undoubtedly pessimistic lyrically, but Out Of Love take despair and let it shimmer shamelessly. To hark back to the EP’s opening track: it’s as if we’re playing pretend. Life might be a struggle… but why don’t we just have a bit of a boogie and pretend it’s all alright instead. Songs that could be depressing instead opt for an ‘ah, fuck it’ optimism, resulting in a collection of naively optimistic bangers. See Right Thru proudly opens with the lyrics “I don’t sleep, I overthink…”, every lyric a confessional, yet the wibbling soundscape keeps it light and breezy. Hello Trouble is perhaps the most obviously sonically reflective, openly considering those ‘funny feelings’ that linger beneath the surface… but even then, the light, catchy flow means it never feels too dark.


One of the most uplifting songs on the EP is undoubtedly Dog Daze. We scrap any ounce of confusion, anxiety and depression here… and we go into the mind of a dog. The track captures the innocence of how a dog loves its owner unconditionally, applying that same logic to a relationship. With the glittering calls of “I wanna be your pet, make you smile when you are down… I wanna fall in love so unconditionally!” the entire song feels like a shot of serotonin, filled-to-the-brim with heartfelt, giddy love.

Out Of Love have crafted a well-rounded EP here, with absolutely no fillers. We just wish it was longer – what a cracking set of tracks! The guys have also announced some live shows for this September – their DEBUT live shows, might we add! Make sure you get yourself to Milton Keynes’ The Craufurd Arms (17th) or London’s Engine Rooms (18th) if you wanna catch these guys for the first time!

Funny Feeling is out now. Grab tickets for their shows here!