Our Hollow, Our Home - Overcast
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Our Hollow, Our Home - Overcast9

Our Hollow, Our Home, Overcast
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It’s no secret that the British metalcore scene is thriving right now – we’ve literally had Architects hit number 1 in the charts, for crying out loud! This is undoubtedly due to the genre’s slowly diversifying sound – modern metalcore has found entirely new ways to pack a punch. Our Hollow, Our Home are a prime example of the genre’s innovation; pairing a melodic flow with that signature metalcore grit, OHOH are confidently forging their own musical path. Latest single Overcast highlights just why these guys are at the cutting edge of heavy music, boasting talon-sharp lyricisms and contrasting dynamics to enhance the sting of brutal instrumentals. With new album, Burn In The Flood, looming on the horizon, we can’t help but notice how these guys are in a realm of their own – and definitely have the potential to become a staple of the genre.

Overcast is delightfully heavy and brutal, yet there’s an undeniable vulnerability throughout. This contrast is exactly what makes the track shine – you’re drawn in by the mighty instrumentals and growls of “black clouds! rally around!, but you stay for that raw, introspective honesty. Yes, OHOH can churn out an absolutely killer breakdown, but boy can they make you FEEL. With lyrics like “never did I think I’d become so hollow…”, OHOH know that sometimes stripping back the instrumentals and letting the words sink in can often be just as powerful as unrelenting noise.

Oh – but don’t think there’s not the classic metalcore elements throughout the track. We’re still got moshpit-worthy drumbeats and a glorious growl of “I’ve reached my breaking point BLEH!”, so nothing to worry about there! This track is beautifully balanced, equal parts soft and deliciously heavy.

With tracks like this on offer, it’s no surprise that OHOH are slowly becoming a familiar face within the realms of metalcore. It takes a brave band to be vulnerable, but it takes a brilliant band to do it with this much class. With their new album due out 28th May, and a tour scheduled in for Sept/Nov, it’s never been a better time to sink your teeth into this fabulous band!

Burn In The Flood is out 28th May. Grab tickets to their tour here.