What do pea omelettes, Suicide Season by Bring Me The Horizon, and being blinded by UV-illuminated satin bras have in common? They’re all anecdotes scattered through the first episode of the brand-new and bloody wonderful On Wednesdays We Wear Black podcast! Have your hand held through an Access All Areas tour of the alternative lifestyle by none other than Kerrang’s powerhouse Sophie K, bassist and radio bad bitch Alyx Holcombe, and the emo hero who represents us all by sobbing at Beartooth gigs, Yasmine Summan.

Episode one takes the form of a get-to-know-us natter, so we definitely feel like we know quite literally everything there is to know about these three. The podcast seamlessly swings between shag stories, nightmarish misogyny memories, and the best and worst of the rock scene we all love – the conversations that we’ve all been having with each other, elevated onto the airwaves with a healthy dose of sometimes-surreal entertainment factor.

It might not be a single or a record, but We Wear Black is absolutely essential listening in emo circles. As the podcast professes, they’re “an alternative music podcast for the outcasts, the weirdos, & people who don’t feel represented enough”, showcasing a side to the scene that’s often overlooked, but is really bubbling over with rock-centred excitement and personality in spades. Episode two is out tomorrow, so gear up to get stuck in.

Listen to We Wear Black on The Heavy Network here.