The return of live music has meant lots of different things to lots of different people – it’s a chance to watch the bands we love back in action again, it’s a chance to re-immerse ourselves in the community, it’s a chance to soak up all the tunes that have got us through the last couple of years in the flesh. But there’s one thing that has meant the return of live music has felt even more needed – it’s getting to go into a mosh-pit, throw yourself around, cathart two years worth of emotions, and go mental. After not only providing our first glorious mosh-pit of 18 months at Download Pilot, Death Blooms have written an ode to the mosh-pit in the form of One Release, and they’re unleashing a whole lot more later this month on their debut album Life Is Pain.

We’re all no stranger to nihilistic feelings of rage and desolation, but Death Blooms do happen to be especially good at vocalising it. Shut Up, Life Is Pain, Anger, Fuck Everything… a selection of apt mantras that really do what they say on the tin, and in a scorching sweep of gravelly guitars, howls and vicious choruses, and relentless intensity, Death Blooms capture the feeling and let it all out. Last year’s Fuck Everything EP was a much-needed appetiser, but it looks like Life Is Pain is going to take it all deeper – the only thing better than four angry songs is more angry songs, right?

In the lead-up to Life Is Pain, Death Blooms have just got off a tour with Blood Youth, tearing up crowds up and down the country – and if you missed it, no stress. They’re back off later this month with Trash Boat, Strange Bones, and Calva Louise. So, get your shoes on and make sure you bring a snack and all your feelings, because it’s going to be an intense one. We can’t wait.

Life is Pain is out October 22nd, and tickets for tour with Trash Boat are available here.