Now that we’re in the depths of Fall it’s only right to pay respect to the Autumnal King himself. From his early work with The Brobecks to current project iDKHow, Dallon Weekes has been wrapping a cosy scarf round our shoulders for over a decade now. With vocals as thick and soothing as a mug of baileys hot chocolate, and an ever-tasteful embracing of jingle bells, Weekes continues to warm our hearts in these crisp months. It would be a crime not to crown Weekes and the enchanting iDKHow, our November band of the month.

iDKHow have truly amped up the autumnal vibes this year – sprinkled in with dashes of smooth jazz and 80s funk, Razzmatazz is somewhat heartwarming of a masterpiece. Weekes and Ryan Seaman are a power duo, crafting music that only grows with each listen, becoming richer and more intoxicating. It is the perfect soundtrack to spice up your November evenings!

Speaking of soundtracking your November, while iDKHow are perfect, it goes without saying that The Brobecks’ Violent Things is also an absolute staple. Nothing is a better fit for a brisk winter walk – how could those bronze leaves ever fall without Bike Ride gently encouraging them to hit the ground? The iDKHow instrumentals at times feel like they would fit perfectly within the world of The Brobecks’ Violent Things (not to mention Clusterhug IS originally a Brobecks track). 2009 Weekes held just as much class as the 2020 slick, suit-clad iteration.

So grab your thickest blanket and get yourself cosy – it’s time to listen to some iDKHow. And, hey, maybe even sprinkle in some old Brobecks classics..!