North Atlas - South
9Overall Score

North Atlas, South

Are you looking for a wildly atmospheric tune? Well, then It’s time to crack out your compass. Scottish rock trio North Atlas are back with South, a brilliantly produced battle-cry of a single that you’ll have on loop for days.

One thing that immediately sets North Atlas apart from the rest is how vast their soundscape feels; South creates an entire world within your mind, echoing vocals and steady drums slowly building to entice you in. The track flows effortlessly, incredibly easy to be swept away by, whilst still having an edge of charged emotion. In many ways, this ability to create a world in your mind makes North Atlas feel almost like Scotland’s more hypnotic alternative to Imagine Dragons. The trio are also brilliantly cool and gritty; South’s music video only emphasises this, with clips of their vocalist in a primal, manic state absolutely coated in mud as he performs.

North Atlas are an unbelievably exciting band, with an impressively mature, assured sound. If you’re eager to hear a solid rock track, treat yourself and give South a listen – you won’t regret it.

South is out now.