Neck Deep - She's A God
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Neck Deep, She’s A God
Hopeless Records

Welsh pop-punk pinnacle Neck Deep have dropped a new single just in time for long summer nights spent at the skate park with your mates (or at least, that’s the image that listening to them conjures up), and in typical ND fashion, they’ve made sure you’re going be feeling pretty emotional. However, while this time two years ago we were getting all emo over the lyrics to In Bloom, She’s A God takes a wholesome turn to the more positive end of the emotional spectrum.

The lyrics depict the exact moment you realise you’ve really fallen for your significant other; vocalist Ben Barlow has narrated so many coming-of-age style moments in life with poetic-yet-relatable lyrics, and She’s A God is no exception. The opening lines go from describing “her curling up to me in her underwear” to comparing her eyes to “planets in a solar flare”, bringing together the real and the metaphorical to make sure all ND’s listeners feel the tangible gravity of the moment. And we definitely do – when Barlow has his “moment of clarity” realising that this girl is, in fact, a “deity”, suddenly it feels like we’re all in love with her.

And we’re definitely in love with this track – so could another album be on the cards?? Any sneaky festival appearances? Neck Deep are in the middle of a mammoth US tour at the moment, but there’s a suspicious gap towards the end of August… fingers crossed!