Neck Deep - I Revolve (Around You)
8.2Overall Score

Neck Deep, I Revolve (Around You)
Hopeless Records

Every day brings us closer to the release of All Distortions Are Intentional – it’s just over a week till we get a new album from pop-punk icons Neck Deep, and we’re one single closer too. I Revolve (Around You) is yet more confirmation that ADAI is going to be a glorious continuation of everything that makes Neck Deep amazing, as well as an ambitious excursion into pop-punk excellence on a planetary scale.

The tracks released ahead of ADAI so far – Lowlife, When You Know, and Fall – have been a little lighter than some of ND’s earlier records. But a touch less loudness doesn’t by any means indicate any less intensity. The common thread between everything we’ve heard so far is that they’re all absolutely, immensely, irresistibly sing-along-able. Not only is ADAI conceptually rich (check out our first album preview for the lowdown on Sonderland), but it’s a concept that instantly invites you to get involved with it.

IR(AY) teases us with tiny moments of reminiscence of early Neck Deep, and that’s part of why it’s so immediately lovable – lyrics referencing train stations will have you feeling as warm inside as you do when you think of Lime St, the uplift in the lead-in to the chorus feels like a hug from a best friend. IR(AR) twinkles like the astronomical bodies its title suggests; it’s Neck Deep as we know them, guitar riffs and gigantic choruses, but it feels all the more expansive.

With I Revolve (Around You)’s spacey title, it might seem like a cliché to say ADAI is going to be out of this world. But really, it is! Not only is it out of this world, but every track we’ve heard so far has guaranteed that Neck Deep are definitely bringing us along for the ride, and we’re definitely ready to experience it.

All Distortions Are Intentional is out July 24th.