Mrs. Henry - Peace, Love, Rock N Roll
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Mrs. Henry - Peace, Love, Rock N Roll7

Mrs. Henry, Peace, Love, Rock N Roll
Blind Owl

Are you ready to join The First Church of Peace, Love and Rock N Roll? If the answer is “YES!”, then we’ve got just the band for you. In perhaps their most ambitious project yet, San Diego rockers Mrs. Henry have crafted an electrifying 3-part rock opera celebrating all things rock n roll. The awe-inspiring Peace, Love, Rock N Roll serves as the first taste of the rock opera, and boy what a taste it is! Mrs. Henry have managed to capture a timeless anthemic charm, resulting in a track that is stupidly enjoyable from start to finish.

Peace, Love, Rock N Roll is the perfect climactic love-letter to Rock n Roll. Bounce-y drums and classic guitars drive you through the track, while Andrew WK-esque vocals fill you with a rock-infused giddiness. As the band proclaim “Rock n Roll can save your soul!”, you can’t help but believe them – it’s impossible not to get enchanted by the magic of the gang-vocals and choir-like calls of ‘oooh-woooah-oh!’.

Mrs. Henry capture the perfect sound for a rock opera – it never feels contrived, or too cheesy. This is a track that exudes charm and, most importantly, it’s a pleasure to listen to. We guarantee you’ll crack a smile while this track is playing – it’s impossible not to! We’ve got high hopes for the opera, and we can’t wait to hear more about the final project.

Stream Peace, Love, Rock N Roll here.