Movements - Tunnel Vision
8.4Overall Score

Movements, Tunnel Vision
Fearless Records

We’re little under a week away from the release of Movements‘ second album No Good Left To Give, and excited is an understatement. After the stupendous emo-meets-classic-rock-hugeness of lead single Don’t Give Up Your Ghost back in July, anticipation has been off the scale, and every other track Movements have teased us with has taken our excitement to new levels.

Latest release Tunnel Vision could be the peak of the album, and it’s only the third track we’ve heard. Leaning into their hardcore side with crashing guitars, Tunnel Vision is a total howler of a song, embodying everything that makes them great. The moodily somber verses whirl up into a chorus that’s a complete eruption, vocalist Patrick Miranda giving it everything as he screams out “this tunnel vision has been clouding my eyes” and descends into some deliciously gritty screamed vocals.

As addictively intense as the vocals are, they’re counterpointed by the steady pace of the instrumentals. Movements’ instrumental control is as powerful as Miranda’s voice; they know exactly when to kick in and to hold their breath, with echoing guitar notes and dark drums rolls flickering into tidal waves of sound.

Yet another dimension that Movements have teased ahead of NGLTG is the dark-tinged groove of Skin To Skin. It opens with a riff that’s practically indie, before a characteristic vast sweeping chorus smashes any hints of indie into the ground. Every song that’s been released so far has promised that Movements are going to be releasing a record that’s an instant classic packed with scorching emo quality – and every track’s just got better, so NGLTG is guaranteed to have some treats in store.

No Good Left To Give is out September 18th.