Movements are back with Don't Give Up Your Ghost
8.2Overall Score

Movements, Don’t Give Up Your Ghost
Fearless Records

There’s little more exciting than a sophomore album from a band you love. And when it’s an album we’ve been waiting for for three years, it’s even more exciting. And when that band is Movements, it pretty much can’t get any better. Their 2017 debut Feel Something burst onto the scene with rawness, subtlety, and pure emo excellence, and now they’re following it up with what promises to be a worthy continuation of their upward spiral, No Good Left To Give.

The announcement of NGLTG, which is due out September 18th, was unleashed alongside Movements’ first new release since 2017 too, and the wait has been so worth it. It’s effortlessly slick, drawing on tiny elements of classic rock in the whining, isolated guitar melody line and immense vocal delivery, but Movements transform classic rock’s theatricality into intimacy as expertly as they did on their cover of R.E.M’s Losing My Religion.

Don’t Give Up Your Ghost is sonically as dark as its subject matter, tackling the lowest points of human emotion with honesty, acknowledgement, but most importantly, hope. The track’s instrumental is as brooding and melancholy as they come; though it’s sparse, this doesn’t stop stand in the way of the track’s shadowy expansiveness. It’s a heavy listen for sure, but as always, handled by Movements with sensitivity and agonising authenticity.

Don’t Give Up Your Ghost signals both that Movements are continuing to refine everything that’s made them such a scene staple even with just one record out, and prepares us for them to excel even further. They’re as vulnerable, powerful, and emotionally vivid as ever, and No Good Left To Give looks set to be all of the above and more.

No Good Left To Give is out September 18th.