We’ve already combed the whole Reading and Leeds lineup for anything and everything that might appeal to a rock fan (if you’ve forgotten, how could you? Catch up here.) But R+L have tossed us yet another bone – a handful of new names!

We know about pop-rock, pop-punk, punk goes pop, punk rock, every combination of the words you can imagine. But somehow, in their genre-defying, dizzying, mildly uncomfortable-to-listen-to glory, 100 gecs genre-defying resistance to the norm makes them the punkiest pop of all. You can catch them for what’s set to be an unforgettable show at the Festival Republic stage.

The FR stage is getting all the excitement! Because this announcement has revealed that it’ll be homing the wonderful cleopatrick as well, ready to blow us away with their passionately energetic, clashing guitar tunes. R+L really are spoiling us!

Of course, the latest announcement isn’t limited to just two acts – ranging far out of the rock genre, they’ve revealed acts across the R+L spectrum, which just keeps growing! To help you keep track of what’s what, we’ve put together a handy playlist of our Bittersweet highlights, including the best of R+L rock, as well as some acts you might not have thought to explore but, you trust us, right? You won’t be disappointed.

Hit up our Spotify for the playlist, plus more of the Bittersweetest collections!